Syndicate investing is the ultimate way of closing real estate deals

Published: 19th June 2009
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There is a secret to successful real estate investing most successful real estate investors would not want you to find out about. I know that you have heard about so called 'secrets' that professionals working in their fields would not want you to know about many times before. So have I and I fully share your sentiment that each time you look at the 'secret' closely it turns out to be a dud.

This is why the secret I am about to reveal you is something that is obvious and yet something which few real estate investors really know. Let me explain. I have been actively involved in real estate for nearly a decade. I have worked in putting together creative deals, I have fronted syndicates, I have bought and sold houses and I have invested in apartments and apartment blocks.

I am now at a stage where I have a name real estate investors recognise and instantly respect, I am a sought after after-dinner speaker and lecturer and I front courses, workshops and boot camp weekends. I own over 4,000 apartments and have over a million dollars in the bank. In getting here I have worked from the bottom up and in the process have made almost every mistake in the book. This is exactly the reason why I am so superbly qualified to tell you the secret of succeeding in the real estate investment and why I already know that first it's not as secret as you may think and second, because it is so obvious many investors have not thought about it.

The secret, in two words, is risk management. Investing in real estate is not without risks and if you really want to be successful you need to be able to find creative ways to minimize the risks which action then, automatically, increases the rewards.

This is exactly the part in which syndicates come into their own. Basically the idea of a syndicate deal is pretty simple. The syndicate is usually made up of investors who have money to invest in the real estate market but have not got the expertise required to close deals. They want to limit their exposure and minimize their risk and they do so by spreading their money amongst a number of deals and in a number of syndicates rather than just one.

You, as the real estate expert, get to front the group for a share of the profits and you use your real estate knowledge and negotiating skills to drive the whole thing forward and close the deal. The beauty of it is that by operating this way you can become a major player in the real estate market without risking any of your own capital and you can build a formidable reputation as well as fortune playing with other people's money.

It is exactly this that makes syndicate investing the ultimate way to close real estate deals and make money fast. Add to it the fact that you can drive several different deals this way and you begin to understand the potential of it and why seasoned real estate investors would not want you to find out about it.

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